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Italians And Their Stereotypes

Italy is very famous for its landscapes, culture, food and… people! What we do, our quirks, how we speak with our hands, our accents, our passionate way of interacting with each other generate an idea of who we are. It is safe to say… Continue Reading “Italians And Their Stereotypes”

25th April: Liberation Day, the end of Nazist occupation in Italy and more

Today’s is National Liberation Day in Italy, a day that signs the end of the Nazist occupation in our country. I gathered some interesting facts and put them together in a blog post. Enjoy!

What is Pasquetta?

Il giorno dopo Pasqua in Italia viene chiamato Pasquetta. In Italia è tradizione festeggiarla con un pic nic in campagna o una grigliata. Un po’ incuriosita, mi sono messa a cercare perché in Italia è solito fare un gita fuori porta il giorno di… Continue Reading “What is Pasquetta?”