Unleash your passion for Italian language

Whether you love Italy and its culture or you have Italian relatives and want to communicate with them you can build your confidence and break down the language barriers with me! Learning Italian it’s a journey that will make you fall in love with Italy more and more. Forget boring books about grammar and immerse yourself in a true Italian language experience.

Lessons are suitable to your goals and learning style

I am able to identify your learning style and I adapt my lessons to your needs. My objective is to keep you motivated, engaged and help you through the journey of language learning.

Fun & friendly
learning environment with direct interaction

You will learn in a chilled and informal environment where laughing is a must! I use my sense of humour to create my lessons and you will hear a joke or two.

Let’s talk Italian cuisine, travel, traditions and quirks

Learning a language means also learning the culture, heritage and traditions of the people that speak it. I am passionate about culture and I proudly talk about food and travel with my students.

What can you expect?

  • Group classes or one-to-one
  • Conversation classes
  • Flexible timetables
  • Off-line support
  • Authentic materials
  • Professional and reliable service

Get in Touch

If it sounds like we can climb the language barrier together or you want to know more, please contact me


0737 508 5822

The tutor

Born in Pisa, I love culture and food. I speak 3 languages at a proficient level and I have a working knowledge of other 2. I experienced language learning at academic level, professional level and self-teaching. I live in the UK, where I studied and worked since 2012. If you want to know more about me, click About.

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