What Makes Settimana Bianca Special?

Settimana Bianca, or white week, is an Italian tradition that brings people together to celebrate the best of the winter season. Settimana Bianca is considered an important social event in Italy, where people take advantage of their free time by taking part in activities such as skiing or visiting local attractions. The ski season in Italy lasts from December through to the end of March, although the majority of people opt to take their Settimana Bianca in January and February.

During Settimana Bianca, many families go on holiday in Northern Italy to ski, particularly to areas such as the stunning Dolomites and Alps. Many resorts take advantage of the increased tourism by offering discounted prices for those who wish to enjoy skiing or snowboarding while on holiday. This makes it even easier for families and friends to enjoy winter-season activities.

While on holiday, people spend their days skiing or snowboarding, soaking up the sunshine, indulging in delicious Italian dishes and drinking wine at the ski lodge. Vin Brulé is a traditional favourite, served warm– perfect for warming up after a few hours on the slopes. There is also plenty of opportunity to relax in a spa, before having dinner at your chalet or a restaurant.

If you are looking for a special place to celebrate Settimana Bianca, then look no further than Valle d’Aosta. This stunning region in the Italian Alps is famous for its winter festivals and celebrations, and it is the perfect place to enjoy some of the best skiing in the world. Here you can see some of the most well-known mountains, such as the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso.

The area is home to several ski resorts, including Courmayeur and Cervinia, so you can choose from a variety of activities to keep you entertained during your stay. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy, so you can really make the most of your time here.

A Great Seasonal Event to Learn Italian

If you are learning Italian, or are thinking about starting, visiting Italy for Settimana Bianca is a great way to meet and socialise with Italian people, and practise your language skills in the process. You’ll have the chance to chat with native speakers, try out new vocabulary in real-life situations, and immerse yourself in Italian culture. And what could be more fun than spending a week skiing or snowboarding in the beautiful Italian Alps?

With snow-capped mountain views, delicious local cuisine and warm hospitality around every corner, it is no wonder why Italians look forward to ‘white week’ every January. Whether you are staying in one of the many hotels or renting an apartment, you will find that everyone is friendly and welcoming. So, why not choose Settimana Bianca for an Italian language learning holiday?

If you are looking to brush up on your Italian language skills, or even if you are a complete beginner who would like a new challenge, feel free to get in touch!

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