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Where can I find cool Italian exercises for free?

For those who want to self study or are looking for some extra practice, there is a vast variety of resources available online. It can be overwhelming to find the right ones so I selected the best according to my experience. A list of… Continue Reading “Where can I find cool Italian exercises for free?”

What is Pasquetta?

Il giorno dopo Pasqua in Italia viene chiamato Pasquetta. In Italia è tradizione festeggiarla con un pic nic in campagna o una grigliata. Un po’ incuriosita, mi sono messa a cercare perché in Italia è solito fare un gita fuori porta il giorno di… Continue Reading “What is Pasquetta?”

My personal point of view about Italian language

I always have my doubts when I see ads that promise they’ll make you learn a language in 3 months. No, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Learning a complex language like Italian requires time and practice. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be… Continue Reading “My personal point of view about Italian language”