25th April: Liberation Day, the end of Nazist occupation in Italy and more

25th April is Liberation Day in Italy and we celebrate the end of the Nazist occupation. In 1945, partisans and the army started reclaiming Italy back, fighting against German nazists and Italian fascists. Although the process lasted for a few days, the 25th of April became the official Liberation Day from 1946. It was the day of the official radio announcement to all partisans to act. Italy celebrates this solemn day with many events including the symbolic military aeroplanes flying in the air and colouring the sky in green, white and red. This solemn day is one of the most important historic celebrations.
Not everyone knows that Genova was the first European city where the German occupation ended voluntarily.  A document proves that General Gunther Meinhold surrendered to the partisans and spared the lives of many people in Genova.
Another fact that people may not know is that the 25th of April was already being celebrated. In 1938 The King of Italy declared the 25th of April the birthday’s anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi, who died the previous year. Even though the 25th of April is mainly linked to Liberation Day, some schools and teachers remember Guglielmo Marconi and his genius on this day. 
Those are just a few interesting facts about the 25th of April. If you want to know more please follow the links below:




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