How to start with italian?

The very first thing you will need to study Italian is a good old dictionary. It may sound very “school-like” but a dictionary surely has an answer to your linguistic questions. There are also free online dictionaries, extremely helpful and accessible. Among language professionals, the most used one is This resource is targeted mainly to English speakers as it has a fully developed English-Italian bilingual dictionary. 

Then you need to consider whether you want to self-study Italian or if you prefer the help of a tutor. There are several options for you available and several things to consider. How fast do you want to learn? Will you be disciplined enough to pursue your studies alone or you need someone to keep you motivated? Are you exposed to the Italian language, i.e. you have friends and family that can speak Italian to you? You can also combine the help of a tutor with some self-study. 

In any case, you can book a free consultation and we decide together the best path for you!

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